Rail Geotechnical Monitoring

Meteor MCE-MRC cameras are regularly deployed as part of integrated geotechnical monitoring systems across the UK Rail sector. In this case a camera was fitted in conjunction with a mesh network of geotechnical sensors, providing instant confirmation of movement and confidence in the status of the track.

The location consists of a rail line adjacent to an unstable embankment with a history of slippage. Civil engineering works had taken place to reinforce the embankment using a combination of steel uprights and bracing boards.



The geotechnical monitoring system consists of a series of sensors attached to the structure which alarm at preset tilt points. These report in real time to the local control centre.

The camera is a standalone unit, independent of the geotechnical element, giving a robust overall system in which both parts can operate independently. It is fitted with a small power pack and solar panel for autonomous year round operation, along with a high power IR illuminator for night vision.

Installation of the camera system was completed within 1 hour of arrival on site, with a Meteor field engineer working in conjunction with the Geotechnical team.

The camera sends scheduled images every 4 hours to a central ftp server, where the pictures are integrated into existing control systems. Additional images can be acquired on demand at any time.