EA Flood Defence camera network

The Environment Agency have over 120 Meteor MCE-MRC cameras currently operational across the UK, providing real time, high quality images from remote locations. Key project features are:

  • Proven operational ability and effectiveness during live events
  • Open, low maintenance camera design and access protocols for enhanced lifecycle and low operational costs
  • Standalone, parallel or fully integrated hosted application options
  • Enhanced Polling modes and automatic image posting to Twitter and other social media

The primary purpose of the cameras is to provide early warning of blocked trash screens and monitor other flood defence features such as storm drains and pumping stations. Flood defence officers can monitor the cameras using any web enabled device, or via the Agency’s own systems. This enables proactive visits to screens and faster response in the event of flood conditions.
The cameras in conjunction with the Meteor Data Centre web portal provide a powerful tool for image capture, display and evaluation of remote infrastructure. The web portal allows images to be viewed in real time, along with historic images, slideshows and galleries for ease of analysis. Images can be requested directly from the portal, along with setup for advanced features such as the Enhanced Polling (EP) mode.

The system also enables significant savings in terms of carbon reduction and efficient use of available manpower. Regular site visits can be kept to a minimum as the cameras allow operators to schedule visits only to sites which require attention.

Please see below for some example site deployments and images: