Angmering Community Camera

Angmering, a village in West Sussex, has been prone to flooding for many years. As a result they were early adopters of a Meteor MCE-MRC  3G/GPRS camera system, to monitor the critical Black Ditch culvert which runs through the centre of the village.

The camera was installed in October 2013 and has been delivering hourly images to the Council’s website in real time ever since. This allows the local residents, the Environment Agency and any other interested parties to constantly monitor water levels and debris buildup in the culvert.

The camera images are also posted to twitter, enabling easy engagement via social media.

The cost effective camera solution consists of a stainless steel robust camera pillar containing the camera, night illumination and power pack. The system has a small solar panel and no maintenance or battery changes have been required since the camera was installed.

Installation required no additional site infrastructure, as the camera pillar bolts directly to the existing handrails present on site. This meant that the camera could be installed in very short timescales.